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Hypothyroidism and Fluoridation

Can Fluoride in the water supply cause Hypothyroidism?

In some areas it has become common practice for water companies to add fluoride to water supplies. Over the years there have been numerous reports explaining the benefits of fluoridation, particularly in the area of dental care.

It has always been a somewhat controversial subject and there are vast number of people who resent the idea that they are not given the choice as to whether or not the water supply they receive has fluoride added.

There has however now been a new report published that is suggesting that there may be a direct link between water fluoridation and hypothyroidism.
the hypothyroidism diet - anxietyA study was carried out in the UK that compared two areas of the country, one of which was completely fluoridated and the other non-fluoridated.

The survey concluded that individuals living in the fluoridated area of the country was almost twice as likely to suffer from hypothyroidism than those in the non-fluoridated area.

There are a number of health professionals that have commented on the report. A large number of them suggest that the findings do need to be taken seriously and even go as far as saying that the practice of water fluoridation should undergo urgent review.
However The British Dental Association takes a somewhat different view and believes that the benefits to dental health that fluoridation provides is sufficient grounds for continuing to add fluoride to the water supply.

Fluoridation levels found in water supplies in the USA are very similar to those found in the UK.

In 2011 there was a proposal that recommended that the USA should reduce the level of fluoride in drinking water to a level that did not exceed 0.7mg/litre. This was however never made manditory so very few states have implemented any changes.

Hypothyroidism affects approximately 3.18 per cent of the population in the UK. The report suggests that incidents of hypothyroidism can be increased by up to 9% in areas of the UK that adopt water fluoridation.

To read the full medical report go to the Medscape website.


What is The Hypothyroidism Diet

What is the Hypothyroidism Diet (Diet for Underactive Thyroid)?

The Hypothyroidism Diet and Treatment Process is a proven method of treating Hypothyroidism at source. It does not involve taking drugs and medication but simply addresses the root cause of the condition. The Hypothyroidism diet ( diet for underactive thyroid ) does not simply provide information about the correct foods to eat but shows you what you need to do to correct your whole metabolism in order to allow your cells to manage the thyroid hormone efficiently and effectively.


hypothyroidism diet - thoughtful ladyMedical research shows that in the majority of cases hypothyroidism sufferers that are treated by their doctors for under active thyroid show absolutely no signs of improvement from the treatment they receive. In some instances the symptoms actually become worse as a result of the treatment. A lot of the treatments that are prescribed are drug based and merely mask the symptoms rather than treating the root cause of the problem.

Many people are concerned about their increased cholesterol levels and go to their doctor for advice. In a lot of cases the doctor will prescribe a drug to help with the problem. What most doctors do not realize (or at least are not willing to acknowledge) is that there is a direct relationship between cholesterol and thyroid dysfunction.

Your cholesterol can, and will, rise when your thyroid does not function correctly. When the body produces less active thyroid hormone than it requires to maintain a healthy balance one of the side effects is an increase in cholesterol levels. Once the thyroid hormone in-balance is corrected the patients cholesterol will generally return to normal.

Natural Health Supplements

When medical treatment for hypothyroidism has failed people will often turn to natural health supplements in order to try to find a cure for their condition. There are hundreds of these supplements available from health shops everywhere. Almost all of them will claim that they will achieve the end result you are looking for.

Research however suggests otherwise!

The reality is that some of these 'cures' can in fact be responsible for suppressing and damaging the thyroid even more. One of the 'natural thyroid supplements' that is widely recommended is iodine.

hypothyroidism_diet_-_natural_supplementsFoods such as kelp, for example, are extremely rich in iodine and are promoted as being beneficial to those suffering from hypothyroidism. There are however numerous research studies that demonstrate conclusively that iodine can in fact be instrumental in suppressing the thyroid function. Studies also indicate that iodine can also help to drive autoimmune thyroiditis and can in fact promote thyroid cancer.

Unfortunately iodine is not the only health supplement that can damage your thyroid, there are a large number of promoted health supplements that have the same effect.

The fact is that your diet is key to controlling hypothyroidism.

The Hypothyroidism Diet

The Hypothyroidism Diet and Treatment Process has been designed to provide a means of addressing problems that occur throughout the entire thyroid hormone pathway. It is more than just a diet for underactive thyroid sufferers .

You are not going to overcome hypothyroidism by simply focussing on the thyroid gland in isolation or by attempting to supplement the thyroid hormone alone. A much wider approach is required. The hypothyroidism diet aims to correct your metabolism by attacking the root cause of the problem and re-establishing the correct balance of your entire thyroid hormone pathway.

If you want to get your life back on track and seriously want to overcome hypothyroidism click on the link below to go directly to the Hypothyroidism Revolution website and get all the facts about hypothyroidism and how you can take control of the condition once and for all.