Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Some people can have hypothyroidism for some time without actually realizing that they have it. The symptoms can develop quite slowly, a number of years in some cases. The seriousness of the condition will vary from person to person depending on exactly how bad their thyroid hormone deficiency actually is.

Because the symptoms can take such a long time to manifest themselves many sufferers do not realise that what they have is hypothyroidism. They will very often simply assume that the symptoms they are displaying are a natural result of ageing.

Invariably as your metabolism continues to slow down the symptoms become more pronounced.


What are the Symptoms of Hypothyroidism?


Many hypothyroidism sufferers start to suffer from fatigue. Their energy levels begin to drop and they become tired much more easily.

Weight Gain

One other fairly common symptom of hypothyroidism is unexplained weight gain. You are eating exactly the same foods as you normally do and exercising as usual but your weight increases.

Puffy Face

Many hypothyroidism sufferers find that their face takes on a puffy, bloated appearance.

Sensitivity to the Cold

If you find that you you are becoming less tolerant of the cold then that could be an indication that you are suffering from an under active thyroid.


Many hypothyroidism sufferers find that they begin to suffer from constipation.

Impaired Memory

One of the most worrying aspects of hypothyroidism is memory loss. Everyone finds it more difficult to remember things as they get older and often put it down to the fact that they are growing older. This may in actual fact be the case but it can also indicate that you are suffering from hypothyroidism.


Many people go through periods of depression at some time during their lives. Usually however it is usually possible to eventually identify the root cause of the problem.

Anyone who becomes depressed for no apparent reason could be suffering from hypothyroidism.

Weakness and Muscle Aches

This usually accompanies fatigue. Your muscles ache and feel tender and stiff. You feel weak and find that some physical tasks that you normally carry out quite easily become difficult or even impossible.

Swelling of the Joints

Many hypothyroidism sufferers find that their joints (knees and elbows) begin to swell and become stiff and painful.

Slowed Heart Rate and Increased Cholesterol Level

Slowed heart rate and an increase in cholesterol levels are classic symptoms of a underactive thyroid.

The video below gives more information about Common Thyroid Problems


Of course there could be other causes for any of the symptoms listed above but if you do suffer from any of these it is worth finding out whether you are suffering from hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism can be treated by drugs but many sufferers are finding that natural solutions to the problem are more successful.


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