Hypothyroidism and Fluoridation

Can Fluoride in the water supply cause Hypothyroidism?

In some areas it has become common practice for water companies to add fluoride to water supplies. Over the years there have been numerous reports explaining the benefits of fluoridation, particularly in the area of dental care.

It has always been a somewhat controversial subject and there are vast number of people who resent the idea that they are not given the choice as to whether or not the water supply they receive has fluoride added.

There has however now been a new report published that is suggesting that there may be a direct link between water fluoridation and hypothyroidism.
the hypothyroidism diet - anxietyA study was carried out in the UK that compared two areas of the country, one of which was completely fluoridated and the other non-fluoridated.

The survey concluded that individuals living in the fluoridated area of the country was almost twice as likely to suffer from hypothyroidism than those in the non-fluoridated area.

There are a number of health professionals that have commented on the report. A large number of them suggest that the findings do need to be taken seriously and even go as far as saying that the practice of water fluoridation should undergo urgent review.
However The British Dental Association takes a somewhat different view and believes that the benefits to dental health that fluoridation provides is sufficient grounds for continuing to add fluoride to the water supply.

Fluoridation levels found in water supplies in the USA are very similar to those found in the UK.

In 2011 there was a proposal that recommended that the USA should reduce the level of fluoride in drinking water to a level that did not exceed 0.7mg/litre. This was however never made manditory so very few states have implemented any changes.

Hypothyroidism affects approximately 3.18 per cent of the population in the UK. The report suggests that incidents of hypothyroidism can be increased by up to 9% in areas of the UK that adopt water fluoridation.

To read the full medical report go to the Medscape website.


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